W. E. Messamore in IVN wrote about the Center research on role of committed minority in opinion change based on a paper “Social consensus through the influence of committed minorities," by J. Xie, G. Korniss, B.K. Szymanski, at al.

W. E. Messamore in IVN: An Open Platform for Independent and Alternative News (see the link below) wrote an article entitled "Weeks before Midterms, Independents Vastly Outnumber Party Members." The author of the IVN article sees the growing number of independent voters as an important factor in the incoming elections in view of the the Center's research on the role of committed minorities in opinion change as researched in the paper on “Social consensus through the influence of committed minorities," by Jierui Xie, Sameet Sreenivasan, Gyorgy Korniss, Weituo Zhang, Chjan Lim and Boleslaw K. Szymanski Szymanski, G. Korniss, published in Physical Review E 84(1) 011130 on July 2011. The author concludes in the IVN article "For some voters, they have grown so frustrated that they have completely given up on the system. For others, though, it has invigorated their resolve for change. What does this mean for November? We will certainly see."