Thursday, March 9, 2017 Dr. Jonathan Z. Bakdash will present a talk at RPI on Human Machine Collarboration

Dr. Jonathan Z. Bakdash is the Scientist at the Human Research and Experimentation Division of ARL at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aberdeen, MA. Dr. Bakdash's talk on Human Machine Collaboration (also called Human Computer Collaboration and Human Agent Teaming) is a long-term R&D strategy and end-goal for the Department of Defense. In effective Human Machine Collaboration, the combination of humans + machines outperform either alone. He will focus on presenting new research ideas for Human Machine Collaboration, specifically potential applications in Causal Forecasting for event prediction (e.g., cyber attacks, social signals for emergent phenomena, tipping points in SIR models). To illustrate the challenges for new research, he will first provide an overview of examples of effective Human Machine Collaboration. Second, to describe why machine transparency (i.e., computational goals) matters, he will describe challenges in the dominant, and arguably much more straightforward, paradigm of Human Machine Interaction; this typically entails the human supervising the machine.