Sibel Adali Gives Talk on the Nature of Trust

Sibel Adali, professor in the Department of Computer Science, gave an invited talk on May 1-2, 2015 at an invite-only seminar conference, organized by the Social Epistemology group at the Philosophy Department in Northwestern University on the "Nature of Trust". As one of the seven invited talks that made up this conference, Adali’s talk titled "Trust in Socio-Technological Networks: Why Context Matters" concentrated on the how the different situational considerations determine to which degree a person will rely on the competence or the trustworthiness of the sources and the credibility of information in trust decisions. The talk and the conference were attended by an interdisciplinary group of researchers from fields that included philosophy, psychology, sociology, history and computer science. The conference was the third in a series of four funded by a grant from the Mellon Foundation on topics within Social Epistemology. See more at: