Prof. Dunja Mladenic presented a seminar hosted by Prof. Boleslaw K. Szymanski and titled "Observing User Mobility"

Dr. Dunja Mladenic, Professor at J. Stefan International Postgraduate School and Head of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at J. Stefan Institute, Slovenia presented NEST seminar hosted by Boleslaw K. Szymanski and titled "Observing User Mobility." The talk started with observation that today we are used to being interconnected via our smartphones and having our phone location tracked by different apps. Information and Computer Technology (ICT) enables real-time monitoring and processing the user location data from GPS coordinates of a phone. Based on observing the user mobility, Artificial Intelligence methods can be used to improve transportation, proactively provide mobility recommendations and acquire knowledge using the user context. To contribute to that end, we have developed a system for capturing user mobility in real-time via collecting information through our NextPin app. Several lines of research have been pursued based on the collected data including data pre-processing to identify stay-points, knowledge acquisition utilizing user geo-location context, predicting users’ mobility, transportation mode detection, estimating point-of-interest ratings. The talk will provide overview of the research results and discuss challenges.