Prof. Boleslaw K. Szymanski's findings are discussed in October 6th AAAS Science Magazine

Chris Tachibana in a commentary titled "The scientific swerve: Changing your research focus" Science, October 6, 2017, discuccses two works of Prof. Boleslaw K. Szymanski on evolution of scientific careers. The first article titled "Quantifying patterns of research-interest evolution," by Tao Jia, Dashun Wang, and Boleslaw K. Szymanski and published in Nature Human Behavior 1(4):0078, 2017 models how scientists alter their research focus over their career. The results are based on the articles of more than 14,000 scientists from 1976 to 2009 published in American Physical Society journals. The results show that most researchers tend to stay in their field, while those who do not, progress along a path of related research. For more details see Another paper, titled "Trends in Computer Science Research," by Apirak Hoonlor, Boleslaw K. Szymanski and Mohammed J. Zaki, published in Communications of the ACM 56(10), October 2013, pp. 74-83, presents the findings that computer scientists tend to shift research focus roughly every 10 years. Some make once-in-a-career moves to substantially different areas because of technological advances. For more details see