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SCNARC Experts at Upcoming American Association of Advancement of Science Conference

Oct. 26, 2012: The American Association of Science, publisher of Science Magazine, organizes yearly conferences covering various topics in science. On February 16, 2013 at the next AAAS meeting, there will be a session titled "Predictibility:From Physical to Data Sciences" involving several SCNARC experts. Laszlo Barabasi from Northeastern University is the organizer of the session, and three NS-CTA speakers will be present including Alex Vespignani, Chaoming Song (completed PhD under NS-CTA support) and Bolek Szymanski. More information on this session at AAAS can be found here. (more)

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The Second Conference on Auctions, Market Mechanisms and Their Applications

Apr. 28, 2011: SCNARC is co-organizing a conference on market mechanisms. The conference seeks papers devoted to issues that arise in all stages of deploying a market mechanism to solve a problem. This includes, but is not limited to, theoretical and empirical examination of questions such as: (more)