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Thursday, March 9, 2017 Dr. Jonathan Z. Bakdash will present a talk at RPI on Human Machine Collarboration

Mar. 07, 2017: Dr. Jonathan Z. Bakdash is the Scientist at the Human Research and Experimentation Division of ARL at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aberdeen, MA. Dr. Bakdash's talk on Human Machine Collaboration (also called Human Computer Collaboration and Human Agent Teaming) is a long-term R&D strategy and end-goal for the Department of Defense. In effective Human Machine Collaboration, the combination of humans + machines outperform either alone. He will focus on presenting new research ideas for Human Machine Collaboration, specifically potential applications in Causal Forecasting for event prediction (e.g., cyber attacks, social signals for emergent phenomena, tipping points in SIR models). (more)

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The paper on "Network analysis to support public health: evolution of collaboration among leishmaniasis researchers," by Ricardo B. Sampaio, Bruna P.F. Fonseca, Ashwin Bahulkar, and Boleslaw K. Szymanski has been accepted to Scientometrics, vol. 23, 2017.

Feb. 09, 2017: The present work focuses on tracking evolution of collaboration among researchers on leishmaniasis, a neglected disease associated with poverty. Our results show that network analysis metrics can bring evidence of evolution of collaboration between different research groups within a specific research area and that those areas have subnetworks that influence collaboration structures and focus. (more)