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SCNARC Wins Best Paper Award at ASONAM 2012

Nov. 05, 2012: Paper by SCNARC graduate student Tommy Ngyuen and Center Director Boleslaw Szymanski titled "Using Location-Based Social Networks to Validate Human Mobility and Relationship Models" received the Best Paper Award at 2012 Workshop on Social Network Analysis and Applications at the International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis in Istanbul, Turkey in August 2012. Only one such award was given. The paper is available here. (more)

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Dr. Pentland's team at MIT wins 2 categories at South by Southwest and Best Paper at SBP 2012

Mar. 16, 2012: Dr. Pentland's team at MIT won 2 out of 7 categories at South by Southwest for best real-world systems in the categories of News (social context in information diffusion) and in Health (continuous population monitoring.) South by Southwest is currently the world's leading place for startups and .orgs to compete, and the event brings more than 25,000 attendees and 670 competitors. More about this achievement can be read here. (more)