Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center

The ARL Social Cognitive Network Academic Research Center (SCNARC) has been created and funded as a part of the US Army Network Science Collaborative Technology Alliance together with three other centers focusing on different kind of networks. The funding of SCNARC comes predominantly from the US Army and the Army Research Laboratory plays the key role in guiding the research directions of NS CTA. The principal member of the Center is Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute while the remaining members are CUNY, IBM TJ Watson Research Laboratory, and Northeastern University. The Center includes also collaborators from the Army Research Laboratory, Indiana University, University of Maryland, MIT, Northwestern University, University of Notre Dame and NYU. The Center will collaborate closely with other centers of the Network Science CTA.


Top Headlines

Paper Selected as a Featured Article in IEEE TPDS

Oct. 26, 2012: SCNARC article "Exploiting Friendship Relations for Efficient Routing in Mobile Social Networks", authored by former SCNARC student Eyuphan Bulut and Center Director Boleslaw Szymanski, was selected as a featured article in the December issue of IEEE TPDS.  The article is available for free to all readers at the journal's webpage. Atricle can be found here. The paper is designated as what is equivalent to the best paper among the 16 papers in the issue.  The article explores the impact of social ties on routing. (more)

Jul. 11, 2013:
The article by Petko Bogdanov, Michael Busch, Jeff Moehlis, Ambuj K. Singh of the University of California Santa Barbara and the Center Director, Boleslaw K. Szymanski on the Social Media Genome: Modeling Individual Topic-Specific Behavior in Social Media (see http:
May. 28, 2013:
SCNARC researcher Sibel Adali has published a new book titled "Modeling Trust Context in Networks" in the Springer Briefs series. An often used statement in trust is that it depends on context. This is meant to describe that how much an entity may trust another depends on external...
Mar. 26, 2013:
IEEE approved a new Transactions on Network Science and Engineering to be published starting in 2014. SCNARC Director, Prof. Boleslaw Szymanski and the ARL Lead for IRC, Dr. Ananthram Swami have been elected to the Steering Committee of the journal.
Mar. 19, 2013:
Atelier, a French website devoted to informing a broad audience on technological innovations important for industries, published an article about the SCNARC community detection algorithm authored by Jierui Xie and Boleslaw Szymanski. The original site in French can be found here, and...