Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center

The ARL Social Cognitive Network Academic Research Center (SCNARC) has been created and funded as a part of the US Army Network Science Collaborative Technology Alliance together with three other centers focusing on different kind of networks. The funding of SCNARC comes predominantly from the US Army and the Army Research Laboratory plays the key role in guiding the research directions of NS CTA. The principal member of the Center is Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute while the remaining members are CUNY, IBM TJ Watson Research Laboratory, and Northeastern University. The Center includes also collaborators from the Army Research Laboratory, Indiana University, University of Maryland, MIT, Northwestern University, University of Notre Dame and NYU. The Center will collaborate closely with other centers of the Network Science CTA.


Top Headlines

Boleslaw Szymanski is the General Chair of the First International Workshop on Social Sensing (SocialSens 2015) to be held in Dallas, TX on October 19, 2015

Oct. 19, 2015: Social sensing has emerged as a new paradigm for collecting sensory measurements by means of "crowd-sourcing" sensory data collection tasks to a human population. Humans can act as sensor carriers (e.g., carrying GPS devices that share location data), sensor operators (e.g., taking pictures with smart phones), or as sensors themselves (e.g., sharing their observations on Twitter). The proliferation of sensors in the possession of the average individual, together with the popularity of social networks that allow massive information dissemination, heralds an era of social sensing that brings about new research challenges and opportunities in this emerging field. (more)

Aug. 11, 2015:
Dr. Boleslaw Szymanski is a Keynote speaker at the CINET Workshop held in parallel at Virginia Tech and SUNY Albany.  For more details see
Jun. 29, 2015:
Dr. Boleslaw Szymanski was a keynote speaker at the Digital Ecosystems Conference at the University of Warsaw, Poland on June 29, 2015. This multidisciplinary conference had three diverse Keynotes. A political scientist, prof. Luciano Floridi from Oxford Internet Institute,...
Jun. 18, 2015:
Using data from the World Economic Forum annual assessment of global risks, researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) have developed a computational quantitative model of global risk network dynamics.  The research was published in Scientific Reports on June 18, 2015...
Jun. 15, 2015:
Dr. Boleslaw Szymanski presented an invited speaker at the 25th Anniversary Granada Seminar from June 15 - 19, 2015, with Dr. Szymanski's talk being presented on June 15, 2015  Physics Meets the Social Sciences: Emergent Cooperative phenomena, from bacterial to human group...